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Chairman's Desk
Welcome to the web site of the Modern Gurukul Public School where you can find a range of information about our school including the curriculum, extra curricula provision, facilities and ethos.
 We are a not-for profit school administered by a Board of Governors. This has ensured that the facilities in the school are excellent. As the best established school in the area, we enjoy an excellent reputation which we continually strive to ensure that we deserve.
     Academic success is important but we believe in the development of creative thinkers, problem solvers and children who know how to learn in an environment of mutual respect, enthusiasm and commitment. The children are given a wide range of opportunities to have as many experiences as possible in order that the whole child is developed. We believe in success for all not just academically but in the many other areas of a child's development. Our extra curricula provision which includes sports and performing arts is comprehensive.
     Our excellent standards in teaching and learning are evidence of the commitment of all staff to achieving the best standards in all areas of school life for our children.     We invite you to visit our school and experience the unique atmosphere and spirit that is here.